Liberate your future.

free/frē adjective
not under the control or in the power of another.
able to act or do as one wishes.

About Men

Welcome to Free2Win

Free2Win is not your usual personal growth development plan. It is not a place for you to embrace your feminine side, learn how to emote like a woman, or find peace in the banality of today's suburbia living.

Free2Win is a program, and a community, and it is indeed for men. It is where men come to discover how to be free, and to learn that being free is the first step to succeeding: To winning at the life YOU want to create for yourself.

Join other men in their rebellion to be Freemen.

We can build new lives with new tools and the help of others.

For centuries men have assigned ourselves to be second class citizens in the realm of emotions. We no longer have to be stoic or spineless around our emotions. There is power in developing the simple skills that were never taught.

The Map of Men’s Groups around the World

We are huge fans of free men’s groups. These micro-communities are the modern tribes that men retreat to for renewal and growth. They provide what no other institution in today’s society provides.

We created a Google Map so you can see where the nearest groups are to you… or you can add your group so other men can either join or use you for a resource.

Find a Mens' Group Near You

The Journey

What frees men and women? What are their hacks that have them win? Those are just two of the questions we will explore with our guests once per week. We will also answer one of your questions every week on another show.

As Freemen, we break free of what doesn’t work… what never really did work. We learn from each other what works. We share those solutions that freed us or had us win.

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Getting free starts with discovering what is restraining you. Winning is acquiring the new skills you weren’t given. The book, Grow Up, is the modern man’s escape plan and winning game plan.

You don’t need to do it the hard, long and slow way. You can escape through that secret passage to that place most men don’t know exist. There is no quicker and cheaper way to start winning than to apply the principles in Grow Up.

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What men are saying about our group

We met up and got there on time, our first time together on a dad – son outing with learning involved in too many years. He was so present among those men and me, the youngest man there – a proud moment for me. Heading down the mountain, he says, “That was some heavy stuff dad,” I agreed. I didn’t know what else to say. We learned it was ok to be who we are now, both of us. My heart was lighter than it was in years. We talked about getting together again.