GROW UP: A Man's Guide to                         Masculine Emotional Intelligence 


    9 Steps to Releasing the Remarkable Man within you.                           Grow Up takes you through 9 stages of growing up                             where you will discover:

  • Why professional success alone does not fulfill
  • What may be missing and how to find it
  • How we inadvertently self-sabotage and how to stop
  • How to honor and attract women as your authentic self
  • How to earn and maintain the respect of your peers
  • How understanding your own Masculine Emotional Intelligence™ will lead you to a happier, more fulfilling life

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Rick Evans,  Reviewed  on    February 12, 2015
Owen has provided a well written and concise game plan in his book, Grow Up: A Man's Guide to Masculine Emotional Intelligence. His thoughts are clear, simple, & to the point. Grow Up offers sound advise, geared for men, to enable personal, emotional growth. His words ring true to me. This book can be used by both genders to further emotional development. Excellent! Thank you, Owen!

Editorial Reviews

Owen Marcus is a Remarkable Man, who embodies what he is teaching in his ground breaking book Grow Up a Man's Guide to Emotional Intelligence. His message is clear and direct as he guides the reader through a nine step process to help men to step up and out as Remarkable Men! A must read for 21st century men and the women who love them!

Lillas Marie Hatala 
coauthor, Integrative Leadership

If Stephen Buddulph's book on Manhood was the 101 on masculinity 20 years ago, "GROW UP" is the graduate class.

Tiffany Manning

The woman, who reads Grow Up, will have the information and tools to work with her guy to help him develop his emotional intelligence skills.

Ken Solin,
Author of Act Like a Man

As the mother of two grown sons, I've seen firsthand how hard it is to be male today. If you are a guy that wants more out of life or a gal that loves a guy that wants more out of life read Grow Up.

Sharon Sayler, MBA
Author of How To Master The Message

About the Author: Owen Marcus

Owen Marcus did everything a man does to be successful. He went to school. He got a stack of degrees, a reputation. He overcame challenges like Asperger’s and Dyslexia to pursue those successes and seemingly achieved them. However, it wasn’t until much later that he understood that in being free to be his own man, he was able to create and fulfill a life he designed.

Along the way he met a lot of incredible men – incredible men who struggled to create the lives they wanted. Owen observed the patterns in his corporate management and Mindfulness Stress Reduction seminars, and then began working with groups of men to teach them something new: How to be men.

For more than twenty years, Owen has worked with men’s groups to develop programs that give them the tools and teach them the skills to be successful men, to liberate their strengths, and to live their lives fully and with joy.

Owen lives his dream in North Idaho, where he practices his art, operates a successful Rolfing practice, and works with male communities and families to develop programs like Free2Win. To learn more about Owen, visit his blog at:

What People Are Saying

Susan Miller January 11, 2014

It's better. I picked up this book with the intention of giving it to my son, and perhaps my husband. I am still giving them each a copy.

But for me, as a wife and a mother, this quote I found early in the book as I skimmed it ended up being the reason I kept it for myself.

"My suggestion is that you use the book as a way to open a new conversation about your relationship. You might want to read the book yourself first to better understand men - or, even better, show him you want to better understand men."

It is just like others have said, concise, helpful and down-to-earth. But I clearly was not expecting this book to be something I could gain from as much as the men in my life.

Charles Newell January 11, 2014

The number of "Aha!" moments in this book are remarkable. For any man looking to go deeper. To crack open into new levels of self-understanding.

But most especially, for any man seeking to form (or join) a men's group, I would HIGHLY recommend this book. It will reveal fundamental truths about our need to have authentic relationships, to have real brotherhood with other men. And will motivate you to find such connections through the practice of a men's group.

This book will also provoke much laughter of recognition. For either very experienced learners in this area, but most especially someone new in their inquiry, this book will be a most helpful.

GROW UP: A Man's Guide to Masculine Emotional intelligence

Your Playbook on how to win as YOUR own man

Owen’s book lays out the nine stages in a man’s development. When one of these phases is skipped due to stress, trauma or just not being modeled or taught you have a gap in your maturation. That gap becomes a hole that you are vulnerable to fall into.

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