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Who has your back? Who do you call at 2AM when all hell breaks loose?

We’ve all been there. A relationship breaks up, you get fired, you dad dies, your kid was just in a serious accident, or you just got an amazing promotion… crises happen. As men, we are trained to go it alone, to man up, and to show up for others.

Our ancestors had tribes, communities, or extended families for support; most men today feel alone.

It’s as natural and necessary for you to need your support team as it is to get a good night’s sleep. Sure, you may have your mom, girlfriend, or wife to help – which is great. But do you have band of brothers?

You and your partner need you to get that band. Your partner needs it as much as you need it, because she (or he) can’t do everything for you. Most likely, your struggles are the labors of life. Loss, challenges, and crisis are natural occurrences. But the healing process is more intense and longer when we go it alone.

If you keep facing the same challenges over and over, or your challenges are becoming overwhelming, it’s time to step up your support structure. Rather than suffer in silence, you can actually enjoy the company of other men being real. You will learn that your authenticity is actually a gift to other men.

Step up to a new level. Take charge, start your own men’s group. Break the old patterns of stoic self-reliance. Shift those ongoing fights with your partner. Discover how to shift a boss that won’t let up. Connect to the lost passion that fueled your drive. Find the capacity to go for what you want.

Uncover what men in men’s groups know: that other men want what you want—a group of men they can trust. They want to fill a hole in their lives. They want a brotherhood.

What could take years to create, you could do in 13 weeks.

A brotherhood

We grew up having friends who we looked forward to being with. It didn’t matter what we were doing, it was that we were doing with our guys.

You now have a chance to upgrade your boyhood gang to a brotherhood of men. You now can have a group of men who have your back, who witness your failures and successes with the compassion of a close friend, and you can have a band of brothers who get you laughing to the point it hurts.

After 40 years in the making, Owen Marcus and the Free to Win team produced a system that will give you a powerful men’s group. Weaving multiple traditions, principles, and practices, Free to Win’s Group Leadership Training (GLT) gives you your guidebook to a new journey of brotherhood.

Men need


We all perform better when we are accountable to someone


·Whom do you serve?

New models

On how to be a man, husband, and leader

Why take on starting a men’s group?

Whether you are in crisis or doing great, there is always that next level of performance. We hone our game on the court. Now you can do the same around your Masculine Emotional Intelligence (MEI) and your brotherhood.

In fact, get in such good MEI shape that when a situation goes from bad to worse, you are prepared. Your emotional leadership abilities allow you to step up when others are backing away. Take what you see as your emotional weakness and turn it into your secret weapon.

Transform difficult relationships by learning how going into your emotional truth, and then expressing it, sets everyone free. Your men’s group is your weekly MEI team workout. You develop muscles you didn’t even know you had.

Make it easy on yourself

No matter how you start, it’s always quicker and easier to have a guide. This manual takes you and any co-leader through a proven program to develop the basic skills you will need to succeed:

  • You will discover how to interest other men in your group. You will learn how to create a container of trust, a critical component to success.
  • You will begin to develop the key skills of getting men out of their heads and taking them deeper into their experiences.
  • You will expand your Masculine Emotional Intelligence skills. The skills women want us to have, but can’t teach us. You will also learn to apply the principles and skills discussed in the book, Grow Up: A Man’s Guide to Masculine Intelligence.
  • As a men’s group leader, you’ll develop the skill of being emotionally present while taking right action. Leading through being OK with your emotions interests other men unlike any other form of leadership.
  • You have the best opportunity to learn Assertive Vulnerability—how to stand up while you are feeling emotional. You move forward, achieving as you feel and express.
  • You create the brotherhood you’ve longed for and the honor of creating your own tribe of men who have each others’ backs. 
  • You get to use a field-tested system honed over 20 years of starting and leading men’s groups. All this is done in a context of meta learning, where learning is easy, fast, and sustainable. Oh, and fun!

This course thirteen-week course is not taught any other place.

Given the principles and their related skills, you can teach and lead the men of your group to a new place in their lives. These powerful skills will naturally transfer to your professional and personal life. You will become the leader whom others follow.

We created this manual so you can create a strong group that continues to grow on its own. You will strengthen your leadership abilities as other men have done from leading these deep groups. When there is no place to hide, you show up.

The desire to create a powerful brotherhood is primal. Ever since we were in tribes, we had our hunting parties. In modern society, we lack that kind of brotherhood. A men’s group will give you that.

Key components of GLT

The manual first gives you the Five Key Aspects of Learning and Development. You discover what few people know about developing emotional awareness and power. You get a framework that can be your shortcut to using your emotions as your ally.

The manual then moves into thirteen progressive weeks where each week goes into depth teaching you and your group principles and skills that will help you become emotionally strong.

The entire manual is easy to understand and master. It’s not some document of psychobabble or “New Age” affirmations. Nor is it therapy. The GLT is less designed to teach rigid techniques and more to empower you to develop your craft of MEI and group dynamics.

The unique approach developed by Owen Marcus, the Sandpoint Men’s Group, and Free to Win became the go-to source for deep groups. The documentary film, About Men, is entirely about the Sandpoint Men’s Group and its approach to men’s work. With your copy of GLT you have the foundation to creating your amazing group just as other have done.

For $2 per week, per man you have the GLT support

For $249, you have all the information unavailable in any form anywhere. With a group of 10 men over 13 weeks, each man invests $2.

Your secret weapon for success

From working with people and developing and leading groups, I learned some powerful short cuts to success. This program applies these short cuts to teaching powerful approaches to starting and running a successful group.

Here’s a little secret: the skills you learn sponsoring a strong group will transform your relationships at home and work. You will discover with your group how to turn what is most men’s biggest liability – their emotions – into your biggest asset.

It’s one thing to “be emotional”; it’s another thing to be emotional in a masculine manner. Men who possess Masculine Emotional Intelligence (MEI) have relationships that just work. Collaboration is a given. Both men and women want to follow a man who has MEI. He is real.

We know of no better way to develop MEI than in a successful men’s group. I know of no better way to deepen the mastery of MEI than to take on starting and initially leading a group.

Dan Doty TV and Doc Film Producer, Writer, Mentor

The GLT was the backbone guide to the Bozeman Men's Group--it helped me stay on course sharing skills with the men in the group that had no previous experience with this type of work. I can proudly say that we've now been meeting for an entire calendar year and the whole thing has far exceeded my expectations.

More about the manual 

This is not some slapped together ebook. It’s 63,000 words… it’s a full blown book.

The content comes from in-depth study and practice of somatic psychology, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), group dynamics, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) therapy, family systems principles, corporate team building, masculine emotionality, and men’s groups.

What is in the manual evolved over hundreds of hours sitting with men. For more than ten years, every week our groups continued to refine what we are now making available. We learned from our mistakes what doesn’t work. We learned from our successes what works for men. Other groups around the US use our protocols, and they are rocking.

The first part of the manual lays out the key principles and skills of having a successful group. The second half gives you 13 weeks of detailed instruction on what to do each week in your meeting to create your group.

During our group history, we experienced great challenges and huge breakthroughs for men and the group. There were times in our group’s evolution where it looked like we wouldn’t have a group. Following the principles and skills of this manual, we transformed what was looking like the end of the group to an even more powerful group.

Get your own - “GLT manual

It’s true, downloading the few pages of our protocols from Men Corps is all you need. You will have the agreements and meeting outline. That is more than some men have to start their group.

For $2 per man, per week, you can have THE MANUAL on how to start and grow an amazing group. I would have paid more to get this short course. Yes, learning through experience is a great teacher… when I can, I prefer to learn through other’s experiences.

The course is designed not as some rigid, “You have to do it this way” manual. It’s designed so that you can improvise as needed. We expect your group will be unique, but the core principles and skills will apply to your group.

The bonus: The man or men who choose to step up to initially lead the group will certainly do more work, yet this man will significantly grow his emotional and leadership skills. The course is intended to be first support for the leader(s). Rather than attempt to teach the whole group, which would be chaos, we are teaching the man who wants to step up. This man in your group then teaches the group not through some boring lecture, but from demonstrating it in the group.

Ben Redman, MA School Counselor

Without the GLT, I might have a men's group, but it would not have the kick that my Charleston Men's Group has. Really, I would have no idea how to create and structure a men's group to be as effective and fun as our group is. The GLT provides a clear guide on how to successfully form a men's group.

GLT provided our group the meter, beat, and structure on which we built our melody of emotions, laughter, honor, and truth to find the masculine music of our lives: growth, stronger relationships, greater sense of stability, normalcy, and belonging. I continue to refer back to the GLT and continue to find new ideas or concepts to apply that I didn't notice before.

The future

As Free to Win grows, we plan to offer more to your Free Men’s Groups. We are working on a course with more material and support for men. Our posts, books, Free Men Radio, movie, and Mentoring Men Program and trainings are all available to enhance your and your group’s journey.

We want any man to be able to have a powerful group to join. Making available to every group what no one had when they started their groups, further increases the chance men’s groups will be the catalyst to the revolution of Free Men winning.

A group leader's user guide to creating a powerful group.

  1. Over 200 pages of unique content: this manual comes from 40 years of study, practice, and teaching.
  2. Discover key principles few men know: we all grew up in a culture that used a more feminine perspective of emotions--this manual is based on what it is to be emotionally powerful as a man.
  3. Develop key skills most men have never heard of: without the mentors and teachers men can't learn how to be powerful emotionally. This manual gives the leaders a simple formula to teach these skills to their group members.

This Free to Win system to Men's Groups is over 10 years in development. Here what others are saying about this approach:

"...the blessings that have resulted in my marriage -directly related to the work I have done in this group!"

About 8 months ago my wife and I found out she has breast cancer. This has been particularly frightening for me as I clearly have no control in the outcome. My place in the Men's group has offered me support through all I have faced over the past 7 months - I can see the blessings that have resulted in my marriage -directly related to the work I have done in this group

Curtis Foster Business Executive

"I am a better husband and father"

My family benefits from this, as I am a better husband and father. My organization benefits from this, as I am a better mentor and director. My community and the Earth benefit from this, as I am better steward. Sandpoint Men’s Group supports me to live the life of my dreams.

Tim Corcoran Business Owner

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You aren't alone... other men are sharing what worked for them--use what they mastered.

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't experience a benefit from using this manual to create your group, you get your money back.

"...left to my own devices I would just live a mediocre life..."

The work we do in mens group, has allowed me to have a free space to express emotions and feelings, that in the outside world I haven't felt comfortable expressing. Also it is helping me take responsibility in my life and stop being the victim or the back seat driver and instead live from my passions and my heart.

Having men who challenge me to come with my whole self, and challenging me to grow has been such a blessing in my life, cause left to my own devices I would just live a mediocre life which is not what I want. Deep down, I want to help people, inspire others, love fully, be happy, and live from the inside out; and the mens group

Brian Taylor Wildness expert

You can benefit from others discovering what works.

Take what could be challenging and make it like perfecting a team sport you love doing. After 40 years of study and practice, then 10 years of perfecting our unique model of men’s groups we know this model rocks. With other men starting groups based on this model we know it’s repeatable.

Their successful groups confirm that with the support of the GLT, success is quick

We want more powerful free men’s group. We want your group to be one of them. Let us help you succeed.

Start Your Free, No Risk, 30-day trial!

You aren't alone... other men are sharing what worked for them--use what they mastered.

"I wish I had the GLT when I started. I would have paid much more because I knew how much work was involved in starting a successful group. Splitting the cost of the GLT between the men would have been a bargain.

P.S.:Take the shared risk, try out the GLT for a month. Don’t learn that you are unprepared for the challenges of starting and leading a group.