48 hours that will change your life forever

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When is the last time you spent time with men you trust in a deep way? Sure you watch football together or play a round of golf together. You may even bond. But when was the last time you were real with each other for more than 30 seconds?

Maybe it was in school or the military. If you are like most of us, it wasn’t any time recent. You are the norm. We all default to the superficial conversations. That’s how we were trained.

If you want to ski better, you buy better equipment, get in shape and get instruction. If you want a richer life as a man, you get new tools, learn, and then apply them. If you are smart, you do it in a way that is fun and sustainable.

The tools are simple tools that thousands of years ago were given to boys. Their training was an apprenticeship on how to develop as a powerful man.

The essence of these tools lay dormant in your genome as a man. When you put a group of committed men together with trained facilitation, it is as if some part of you remembers how to be that man you dreamt of being. In a group of men being men, a man starts to wake up what was not allowed to develop.

​Owen Marcus’ Free to Win program is truly transformational and inspiring. He has pioneered a path to emotional expression and release that any can benefit from.


Your guides

We got into this because we wanted a new future. Our success, relationships or passion were stalled. We all had achieved what we were supposed to achieve as men, but we knew there had to be more to life. Together in our groups we created a new future for ourselves.

The f2w Experience Men’s Groups developed from years of study and practice honing what makes a group powerful and determining the most effective way to free a man.

Thousands of hours of collective experience show up to form the basis of Free to Win (F2W) team skill set. This ability to immediately create a safe space has men going deep into parts they never felt or expressed – as if they were playing an amazing game of basketball with their buddies.

Owen Marcus – founder of F2W

40 years ago, I started my journey to be free. Once I began to be free I wanted to win, so I did post-graduate training in any leading edge discipline I could find that would have me win or help someone else win. I was able to study with men and women who literally wrote the books in several arenas. My fascination with finding quick and sustainable ways to win had me teaching employees, colleagues, corporations and the public.

Twenty years ago, I realized I was missing the masculine component, so I dove into all I could discover about being a man. Quickly I realized I had a lot to learn, so I went for it. In part to reinforce my learning, I began men’s groups. With these groups, I grasped aspects of being a man that were never taught, I quickly started writing about and teaching what I learned.

The rumors of our success with Sandpoint Men’s Group lead to a film crew coming out to film our group, partners, and community. All this lead to writing the book, Grow Up: A Man’s Guide to Masculine Emotional Intelligence, a blog – www.owenmarcus.com, presentations at conferences, and a new passion – helping me win at being men. In a TEDx talk where I speak about how we were never taught the emotional skills we needed to succeed as men`.

To help more men we formed Men Corps a 501c (3) nonprofit. Men Corps with the help of our funders we bring our work to men who may never have an opportunity to benefit from it.

In applying many of the principles that transform men, I co-lead couples trainings. We all struggle with a limited model of relationships. It’s hard to succeed when your model is flawed.

I expanded my reach by partnering up with Evryman.co, an international platform for me to start men’s groups. We lead 50 men trainings around the country based on the model I developed with the Sandpoint Men’s Group. We also offer support for men to start their own groups along with advanced skill training.

Brad Golphenee

Our Men’s Group is also featured in the film “About Men” that documents a man’s journey in a formal “Men’s Group”. “Sitting in a Men’s Circle has enhanced my life in a variety of ways, I am more open and aware of my emotional state, I take more vulnerable risks in my life, and I have a powerful sense of belonging”.

True passion for this work has inspired me to professionally facilitate men’s workshops. Over the years, I have facilitated workshops around the country with Owen Marcus. “The experience I receive in Men’s Circle cannot be taught and is even difficult to explain…it is a powerfully unique environment that has to be experienced”.

The journey of sitting in a circle provides men the safety and freedom to develop a new relationship with their emotional state and to build a new level of personal awareness. I hold a foundational truth that, as men, we are reframing the definition of what it is to be a man in today’s world.

I am a three-year professional certification training for Somatic Experience, a psychophysiological therapy that works with healing PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). This approach to healing the body’s physiology which can cause psychological limitations comes from the pioneering work of Peter Levine, Ph.D. Out of Peter being one of Owen’s original teachers, his work is woven into the work we do at Free to Win.

The men's group was the most surprising, moving and amazing experience. It has changed my life. I was initially asked to go by a friend who had been to a similar meeting in another city. My friend wanted to set up such a group in Chicago. I went because I trusted my friend (not because I felt that I needed---or even wanted to go.)

However, in just two days we set up a safe and warm environment that allowed us to form a brotherhood of friends, a "safety zone" where we were encouraged to express emotions that normally go unexpressed to others, AND unrecognized by ourselves.

These buried emotions have lingering and occasionally dramatic effects that we are unaware of. The amazing part is that facing them, not cognitively, but emotionally allows for a type of processing that promotes real healing. I would not have said I was sick, but I certainly feel healed. And I am grateful


A life not lived

What in your life have you not fully lived? Do you have the relationship you want with your partner? Do you have a partner, assuming that is what you want? Is your career giving back as much as you give it? Do you have a circle of men that have your back?

In you is great potential. How much of it are you living?

Do you give yourself excuses to why you aren’t living that life you dream of having? Do you have the support every man needs to achieve those dreams? Are you alone in your quest to be that man? Or are you solely relying on your partner to be that support?

Are you willing to settle being like you’ve been, like all other men? Are you willing to struggle alone to survive as a man?

Emotional Leadership

Being able to walk into any emotionally-charged situation and lead is a critical skill for success.

As men, we are trained to suppress or control our and others’ emotions. Sure, it can work for a while. But over time, we don’t build trust, connection, or collaboration. We learn to fear the chaos of emotions.

Emotional Leadership is your ability to stay present and connected no matter what is occurring in or around you. Others trust a man who steps up in the mists of turmoil.

We can discuss this skill. We can understand it.

You can attempt to teach yourself through life experience. That is a slow and arduous path, though, when you have never seen other men travel down that road.

Or you can seek out the guidance of men who have taught themselves and each other how to use emotions as their super power.

Our trainings free men to be their own men. They also put men on their path to emotional leadership.

Through developing your emotional strength, you discover how to use what you ran from, your emotions, as a way to lead others through their journeys. You grow your ability to use the emotions of any situation as a catalyst for change. You expand your MQ skill of Assertive Vulnerability, allowing you to lead through embodying Masculine Emotional Leadership.

You’ll likely

  • Create a new set of genuine friends—a new brotherhood
  • Rediscover your purpose and passion
  • Learn how to increase your masculine emotional leadership
  • Laugh so much it hurts
  • Laugh so much it hurts
  • Experience what it is like to have men watch your back
  • Be a significant contribution to other men in their process


Fully engaged

Living full is much easier than others would have you believe. It is also a lot more fun doing it with a team of other men.

Life can become a team sport. You can have your work as a man by practicing your game with other men. Yes, it can be a workout, and it can be fun.

You know it is a lot more likely you will get up and do it when you are doing it with others. When you have your commitment to them and they are watching your back… and kicking you in the ass when you don’t live up to YOUR standards—you get moving.

Free to Win is raw, mind-blowing, and emotional. It will change your perspective and probably your life.

Pat McMahon               

What is at risk?

What happens if you don’t step up? Who loses?

You risk living a life that might be what someone else wanted for you. You risk coasting through life taking what is given to you. You risk having your biggest success in life being surviving.

Who else loses? What does your partner get? Or that future partner get? Who do your kids get? What kind of foundation are you building for them?

What's your contribution to the planet?

What is bigger – the fear of failure or your pain of a life not lived?

What is possible?

Knowing what is FULLY possible is difficult if you’ve never seen it or experienced it. Yet some part of you does know there is more. You might not know what exactly it is or how to get it.

Being present with your partner comes naturally once you’ve discovered how to be present with men. Going from a continual adversarial position with your partner to one of exciting polarity transforms your relationship. The spark that was there in the beginning returns. You remember how relating was fun back then.

There are no panaceas. There is showing up in a safe space, taking small risks, getting acknowledged for your courage and relaxing into allowing yourself to accept the win.

Institutional learning will not teach you how to be a man. It will teach you how to be a robot in a factory.

Learning to be a man is like learning to excel at a sport you love. You find a group of men to play with and you play hard. You bump up against them and your limits. You sweat, risk, screw up and occasionally win. Others may beat you, yet you know you played full out and for that you are so appreciative of your own persistence and your team who was there with you. All your games got better. You learned. It was fun.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Owen. He has a vast knowledge of men's work and was able to work with our group and get us to deepen our experience within the first 10 minutes of our meeting.

Owen knew how to cut through the crap and get to the real essence of what really needed to be expressed in our group and personal dynamics.

We learned tools and ways to navigate into a more powerful and meaning space. Our group feels much stronger after our workshop. I would highly recommend working with Owen


A new model

Unlike other workshops that promise to train men to become “sensitive,” the men of F2W promise to put you onto the path that will allow you to become the man you’ve envisioned.

The type of sharing experienced in thef2w Experience between men creates authentic change. The facilitators quickly ascertain each man’s needs, and they ensure they’re consistently addressed. No man is left behind. Each man has an equal voice. There are no traditional leaders in our retreats. Even the facilitators are all in.

The f2w Experience Men’s Group is a retreat that isn’t like the rest. It’s about the experience of being that man you dreamt of being. For 2Days YOU will deconstruct then rebuild your life as a man.

We will take the science of being a man and help you craft it into the art of being YOUR man.

The f2w Experience isn’t some New Age workshop about learning the latest affirmations. It’s about getting real – it’s about experiencing the power of just being a man.

For 48 hours distractions, excuses and restrictions are removed. That alone makes showing up easy. Once you do it with the men of your group… doing in your life gets MUCH easier.

You have NEVER experienced the support, certainly from men that you will experience for these two days. It’s been so long since we have had that support we forgot what it can do for us.

We don’t instruct men in any traditional men’s modalities, but instead, encourage men to create their own work using the principles developed over years of working with men.

Friendships are born out of this process, and it’s common for men to maintain these connections for a lifetime. That’s the power of this retreat.

Throughout the weekend you are encouraged to ask questions and openly communicate. The more you show up, the more you get. We want you to get more than you can image getting.

All types of men enjoy the weekend.

Shy men quickly become engaged, and a lifetime of self-limiting behavior evaporates once the safety and confidentiality of the retreat participants is assured.

Angry men discover how to transform the limiting behavior that makes them too risky for anyone to trust.

All that is required is the desire for change. We will provide the tools for that change, and each man becomes a guide for other men.

Men need men

Sitting together and talking about issues with other men is more than hanging out, it’s focused intention and purpose. Absent the distractions of everyday life, men experience a kind of camaraderie they want it in their lives permanently. Working with his new band of brothers allows each man to let go of all the ways he protects, performs and projects.

Each man’s partner, family and career take on a new perspective, based on confidence and a newly discovered competence. Maybe that’s because he’s getting renewed or maybe it’s the new found joy he feels, knowing that more is readily available.

Working with Owen, and I don’t mean to be overly dramatic may have saved my life. And if not physically, certainly emotionally and spiritually.

I am still faced with a lot of financial pressure. And in spite of that I am happier and am enjoying deeper more meaningful relationships in my life. I have been married for 25 years and there were times I thought there was no way this relationship would survive. Not only has it survived it’s the best it has ever been.

Cleveland, OH

The f2w Experience adds to your success

Men may think that doing one of our weekends is for men who are struggling. Sure we get men who are in a significant transition. Yet most of our participants are men who have lives that are working.

As men we see or feel what is missing when we achieve what we wanted. There is always more. Men are now discovering the new more is not material, it is emotional and social. We want deeper and more satisfying relationships. We want to contribute more than giving our money.

As men we want who we are and what we are doing to impact others. Making a difference in another’s life is easy when you are free from the old binds of what you were taught to be. Winning becomes supporting others with whom you are being. A weekend with similar men can launch you on a path of this new success.

Join us

Within each of us is the primordial need to be in a tribe. The retreat is every man’s opportunity to feel the joy from being supported by other men, and the deep belly laughs that can only be shared by men who know and trust each other.

We will also be there for you after the retreat. Beyond beginning your own Hero’s Journey we are available to train and support you in creating or participating in your own men’s micro-community, your own men’s group.

The f2w Experience may NOT be for you if:

  • The status quo is good enough
  • Believe being and doing it alone is the way to go
  • Unwilling to challenge your assumptions and to not be open to giving new approaches a chance to succeed
  • You believe the only way to succeed is to annihilate fear rather than move forward with it
  • Living someone else’s life is more important than living yours
  • You aren’t willing to stretch yourself in a safe space
  • You expect a simple list of instructions on how to be
  • You believe the way to change is to be confronted, shamed or forced
  • Note: we will speak to every participant before the retreat. If either you or we feel it’s not the best investment you could make, we will suggest another option for you. 


Core Principles

  • Masculine Emotional Intelligence™  - How men’s emotions can be different then women’s
  • Manhood 2.0™ - What limits you is not you, it’s the old paradigm
  • Not bad or broken  - You were never taught to be that man you dreamed of being
  • Zero to Hero  - From a life that’s not yours to being your own hero
  • Micros – the new men’s group - Connecting to the primordial nature of micro-communities
  • Experience the Brotherhood every man needs - Going beyond doing it alone to having men watch your back
  • Free to Win - Free of what restricts you, you can be your own man
  • Masculine Emotional Leadership™- Using your emotions as your super power to lead others.

I went to Owen Marcus’ Free to Win 2 day workshop not expecting anything, but just hoping for some clarity in my life. What I got out of it was a straight up miracle! Owen and his staff were amazing! Their insight and techniques, to help each person find his own truth, are unparalleled. The best thing I have ever done for myself, period!

Brad Martin 
Hollywood Stuntman                 

Sounds good, but…

Hey, we all are men. We know that as men our tendency is to invest in others before ourselves. One thing our partners often do is to make sure we get our physicals and see the dentist. Many men come to the f2w Experiences because their partner said, “You need to it.”

As smart as we are as men, we often hesitate to take action to move our own life forward in a meaningful way. We will work our asses off to pay for braces for our kids or save for their college. But we procrastinate when it comes to investing in ourselves.

We regularly get men wishing they did one these trainings earlier in their lives, avoiding a failed marriage or a bad career choice. Loss and its grief is bad. Regret from missed opportunity is worse.

If you see the possibility that a two day investment will work – go for it. It should feel scary. Changing your life is always scary. Showing up to a strange place to spend two days with men you don’t know takes courage.

Every man shows up scared. It’s just that their desire for something more didn’t stop them. That is courage – showing up for something without being in control of it.

I am a 32 year old male who is highly motivated to make the most of my potential and time. I came to the Mens group on an invite from a close friend. I have always struggled where to apply my energy and practice commitment in general.

Owen lead the group with total support and honesty and catalyzed the strength that all of us have within our true selves. I found comfort in hearing about the struggles my fellow men have and spoke on and are willing to confront in order to move on to the best life possible.

It was extremely powerful and speaks to me everyday, any time I feel alone or helpless I think about my experience with my brothers and the encouragement that all of us can get from each other when we are honest and open. Owen lead with a steady heart and mind, his sincerity and love is the oil in the engine of growth.

Garret W. Smith
Photographer, Cinematographer, WPZ

Details of the f2w Experience Men’s Group

  1. Registration is limited to 12 men to maintain the power of a men’s group
  2. We start at 9AM on Saturday morning, so arrive by 8:45
  3. We end on Sunday between 4 – 5PM
  4. All meals from Saturday lunch to Sunday lunch are included
  5. We hold our f2w Experiences at luxury homes usually in a resort area
  6. The participants spend Saturday night in the large home
  7. Bring what you need to be comfortable
  8. Wear loose, comfortable clothes
  9. Set it up so you are free – tell the world you are unavailable for two days
  10. Please click on this link to contact us. If you have any questions, reach out..

Join Us and Other Men

Two days of training and room and board ​

If you have any questions, please ​contact us: marcus@freetowin.co

Develop Your Masculine Vulnerability

Emotional awareness and emotional integrity are key components in every healthy relationship. Fear of vulnerability and lack of trust can prevent men from enjoying the deep emotional connections that are an integral part of every relationship.

  • Make a difference in other men’s lives
  • Learn what was never taught
  • Receive deep support
  • Be seen for who you are
  • Leave renewed and recommitted
  • Discover how empowering it is to share your true self with other men and be supported

Who do you call at 2AM when all hell breaks lose?

When you were a boy, you had best friends. Who are you best friends now? They’re more important now than ever because your challenges as a man can easily overwhelm you. You need and deserve authentic friendships.

The f2w Experience Men’s Group is guided by Owen Marcus and a select group of the senior men of Sandpoint Men’s Group (SMG). These are the same man along with the entire group who are the focus of the first documentary on a men’s group, About Men released in the spring of 2014.

Register by clicking the above button or contacting Owen at 208.265.8440 owen [at] owenmarcus [dot] com.

When you sit with other men who are also being themselves old masks dissolve away. Authenticity naturally shows up, breeding more trust and deep change.

Your ancestral part which remembers what it was like to have a tribe of men comes out. You relax knowing that all the other men are just men. Being vulnerable goes from, “I will never” to “I’m in” – risk taking is fun with a group of men you trust.

You can remember the times you trusted men and how that caused you to stretch. For two days the group will keep building on that trust taking you deeper into releasing what never worked for you. Your group will take you into connecting up with that deep, dormant part that is the seed for a new outrageous future.

Leave with a new future

When you show up as the previous men of our f2w Experience Groups showed up – we can guarantee that your future will be different. It’s not rocket science. It’s being a man.

Men will invest in new sporting equipment, tools or some hobby endeavor… this time, invest in a new future that will reap the returns of a new life.

You could leave with a life that is connected to something more than surviving. You could leave with a deep reconnection to lost places within you. It’s easy to move forward in life when you have your own back and feel inspired.

Your Future Needs You – Give It Two Days

The Healing Journey that Owen Marcus facilitated for me was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. In this safe space I was able to be vulnerable and emotional, and I realized some of the things that have been holding me back, including trauma I can trace back to childhood. I now know that anger, fear and resentment were suppressed and held in my subconscious mind and have been affecting everything I have done in my adult life.

Owen’s gift is his ability to take a man deep. He took me to a place where I externally expressed what had been up to that point an inward struggle. I also witnessed Owen hold space for others who similarly emerged as new men. Owen is a phenomenally talented leader of men and I would recommend him to all the men in my life.


I hope you join us.

Join Us and Other Men

Two days of training and room and board ​

If you have any questions, please ​contact us: marcus@freetowin.co

P.S. You, your partner and family as well as your future waits for you to develop your future. Let us help you craft that new future.


P.P.S. Do what others have done, bring your friend, son, brother, father… a man that you want to connect deep with.