​As a Woman, What Do You Want?

​Using the Success of the Sandpoint Men’s Group, two men support women in getting what they want.

​Get What Few Men or Women Get

​How to Be Heard by a Man

​Discover how to be yourself and connect to a man

​Discovering ​the ROC Formula

Three simple steps that guarantee connection

​Use ​Your Five Intelligences

Develop skills your weren’t taught

A Day of Masculine Support

Building on the success of supporting men and their relationships ​through ​SMG

Using the Success of the Sandpoint Men’s Group, two men support women in getting what they want.

Saturday, ​April 28, Brad and Owen get to share this magic with a small group of women.

As much as men struggle with their emotions, women can struggle with their power. In spite of living in these progressive times, both sexes are still trapped in the confines of our culture. Escape is possible, particularly when we support each other. For a full day, you get to experience what men have discovered—working together to shift our limitations can be fun.

​​​The secret to an amazing relationship, the ease a safe container and connection bring ​

Understand men from a masculine emotional perspective

How you can be more of a woman and have your man be more of a man

​Experience a space where being feminine is powerful and honored

​Understand why the five Masculine Quotient traits are key to a man success

Discover how to being a woman is the most powerful gift a woman can use to transform a relationship.

​Get your difficult questions answered

​Shift your fear into excitement—have men and other women accept you and your concerns

I surprised myself that I would feel safe to open up so quickly and work through powerful and tough emotions. I also felt a release and growth happen on Saturday that I will carry with me to further my individual journey. I felt really comfortable with you both and it was wonderful being with the other ladies….

The day went so fast and I actually didn't want it to end.

​Lauren Behm​

I personally gained far more insight into my own limitations and barriers to focus on for continued personal growth in areas of my life that I did not really expect… I have attended many women’s retreats, workshops and seminars, and I must admit that having a male facilitator adds a dynamic that is next to impossible to achieve by a female facilitator.  

​Rebecca Harlow

​This was my very first time attending a women’s group where I felt open to share my feelings and certainly supported. What a great way to create a new awareness for change and growth. I also appreciated how easy  it was to create new deeper connections. I certainly would recommend this retreat to other women and hope you will  continue to extent this great opportunity.

​ ​Pilar Caso

I was scared in the morning, about facing the intensity these meetings often (not always) have, and being in a group for women that was organized by two men. But Brad and Owen made me feel safe to go back in time and express feelings I had undermined for years. For the first time I felt truly seen and accepted.

The most impressive aspect was having a space where I felt completely safe and was given the opportunity to share myself without facing judgement, challenge or feeling embarrassed for talking about myself. It comes naturally to subsequently want to support those around you in the same manner. Honestly, why can't we all interact this way in daily life?!?

​Marjolein Groot Nibbelink

Owen Marcus – founder of F2W

40 years ago, I started my journey to be free. Once I began to be free I wanted to win, so I did post-graduate training in any leading edge discipline I could find that would have me win or help someone else win. I was able to study with men and women who literally wrote the books in several arenas. My fascination with finding quick and sustainable ways to win had me teaching employees, colleagues, corporations and the public.

Twenty years ago, I realized I was missing the masculine component, so I dove into all I could discover about being a man. Quickly I realized I had a lot to learn, so I went for it. In part to reinforce my learning, I began men’s groups. With these groups, I grasped aspects of being a man that were never taught, I quickly started writing about and teaching what I learned.

The rumors of our success with Sandpoint Men’s Group lead to a film crew coming out to film our group, partners, and community. All this lead to writing the book, Grow Up: A Man’s Guide to Masculine Emotional Intelligence, a blog – ​owenmarcus.com, presentations at conferences along with offering private coaching. In a TEDx talk, I speak about how we were never taught the emotional skills we needed to succeed as a man.

​To help more men we formed Men Corps a 501c (3) nonprofit. With the help of our funders, we bring our work to men who may never have an opportunity to benefit from it.

In applying many of the principles that transform men, I co-lead couples trainings. We all struggle with a limited model of relationships. It’s hard to succeed when your model is flawed.

I expanded my reach by partnering up with Evryman, an international platform for men to start men’s groups. We lead 50 men trainings around the country based on the model we developed with the Sandpoint Men’s Group.

Brad Golphenee

“Sitting in a Men’s Circle has enhanced my life in a variety of ways, I am more open and aware of my emotional state, I take more vulnerable risks in my life, and I have a powerful sense of belonging”.

True passion for this work has inspired me to professionally facilitate men’s workshops. Over the years, I have facilitated workshops around the country with Owen Marcus. “The experience I receive in Men’s Circle cannot be taught and is even difficult to explain…it is a powerfully unique environment that has to be experienced”.

The journey of sitting in a circle provides men the safety and freedom to develop a new relationship with their emotional state and to build a new level of personal awareness. I hold a foundational truth that, as men, we are reframing the definition of what it is to be a man in today’s world.

I expanded my work with men to include somatic coaching.

​Our Intent

To better understand what men do in the Sandpoint Men’s Group (SMG)

Experience the benefits of the gentle power of SMG

Discover straightforward ways to improve your relationships with men

Answer questions about men and SMG

The Space

Emotionally safe. You participate at whatever level you want. What occurs in the group, stays in the group. Your partner will not know.

​Fun. Experiencing the authenticity of others relaxing and opening us up to enjoy others in new ways.

Co-creation. We will weave a loose plan with what you want.

Protected. Men want to serve and protect, let us do that for you.

Vulnerable. Brad and Owen will participate as equals.

Adapt SMG. We will follow our structure of four rounds, four distinct opportunities for women to participate.

Join us for a day of laughter, reveals, tears, discoveries, connections, and release… all in a safe environment.

Where: Carr Creek private home
What: Just bring yourself. ​Lunch, snacks, and tea provided
When: Saturday, April 28, 2018, 9-5
Cost: $50 for the day

Or mail a check to
Owen Marcus
​219 Cedar Street
Suite A
Sandpoint, ID 83864

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